Welcome to My On-line Class

This website is purposely created for Caraga Regional Science High School students enrolled in Physics I and Research II and their parents, as well as teachers and other individuals who may find this important to their pre-service and in-service teaching practices.
This wiki contains pages such as Home, Assignment/Homework, Documents and Resources, Course Syllabus, Student Products, Laboratory Activities, and Rubric.

Meet Mrs. Maria Ruth G. Rizaga-Edradan

I was born on June 27, 1970 and married to Carlo Cantillo Edradan with 6 children namely FC, Heinrich, Debra, Gail, Gabrielle and Millene. December 13, 2007 was indeed a turning point in my life since God endowed me a cute, little grandson to shower affection who was baptized Carlo IV, a namesake of his grandfather. Graduated from Mindanao State University with Bachelor's degree in Zoology, I started my teaching career as a high school and college instructor in Surigao Education Center in 1994. Eventually in 2002, I joined the Department of Education as a Physics and Research teacher of Caraga Regional Science High School. In 2007, I finished my Masters Degree of Science Teaching in St. Paul University Surigao. My passion for teaching rewarded me a lot of blessings in my career. As a Fellow of the International Leaders in Education (ILEP 2011) at Clemson University, South Carolina I commit to the United States Government and the Fulbright Commission of the Philippines to be a catalyst of change. I hold on to my philosophy that as a teacher, I live to teach and as such I can make a difference to the lives of my students. If education is viewed as a means for social mobility, then I believe that every child deserves equal access to the best educational opportunities that the school can provide. With the globalization of education, one cannot afford to just sit back, relax and settle for mediocrity. I am ardently hoping that this on-line resource will develop independent learners and critical thinkers. Moreover, may the parents find this informative and that together, we can build a strong partnership for our children's development.

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