Post yo powerpoint presentation and video links here.

Credits to: MocomiKids Credits to: Bozeman Science Credits to: ryanhaart Credits to:crharrison Credits to: Carey McGleish Credits to: BBC Credits to: SHArPEdgeGlobal

Those 4 powerpoint presentations (PHYSICS, FLUID DYNAMICS, p6 and Elasticity and Fluid Physics) are from Correos, Ricardo, Canoy, and Rendon from III-Galileo. Followed by the video links taken from YouTube. The uploader of the videos are acknowledged: MocomiKids, Bozeman Science, ryanhaart, crharrison, Carey McGleish, BBC, SHArPEdgeGlobal. PHYSICS FLUID III - ARCHIMEDES (Tejol,Pongcol,Biong,Tremedal,aballe,colita,eder,tibay,martinez) PHYSICS FLUID pt2 III - ARCHIMEDES (Tejol,Pongcol,Biong,Tremedal,aballe,colita,eder,tibay,martinez) PHYSICS FLUID pt3 III - ARCHIMEDES (Tejol,Pongcol,Biong,Tremedal,aballe,colita,eder,tibay,martinez) (Gallinero,Ortiz,Recabo,Rebucas,Estano,Lustiva,Aguillana,Tremedal,Bonono) PHYSICS FLUID pt4 III - ARCHIMEDES (Tejol,Pongcol,Biong,Tremedal,aballe,colita,eder,tibay,martinez)